Babies R Us  - Season preview event

We're excited to be able to invite 2-3 bloggers, ideally in their 2nd or 3rd trimester along to next week's exclusive preview of the BRU Spring-Summer collection. 

If you're free next Tuesday, in the London area, and would like to attend this event please drop us an email (bloggers@roost-online.co.uk) or a tweet @blog_community.

BRU have some fab goodie bags and are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on their new lines. 

Hope to hear from you x Carli 

WORLDFOODS Fusion Taste Team USA

We’ve just kicked off some exciting new activity in the USA with WORLDFOODS – maker of fresh and authentic Asian sauces. We’re recruiting teams of bloggers from across 6 key states to compete against each other to produce the most tantalising and interesting reviews to win prizes! The team who has reviewed the most sauces and received the most likes, shares and re-pins across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest by the end of the programme will win an exclusive Asian dining experience cooked by a chef in their own homes, a table decoration set from Thailand, a Lemongrass and Ginger cookbook by Leemai Tan, and be featured in the Fusion Taste Team exclusive e-cookbook!

All participants in the campaign will be promoted heavily across WORLDFOODS social channels and websites, and to WORLDFOODS’ email database.

Here’s your chance to join the programme – just apply with the team in your area. But hurry, ends this week!

Texas:                 One place left! Tweet to @lonelygourmet

California:           http://bit.ly/Qf5LmQ

New York:          One place left! http://bit.ly/NzikNG

Toys R Us Toyologists 2012 - Applications are open!

Applications are now open to apply to be a 2012 Toyologist!!

Geoffrey has asked as to recruit 24 families to be part of a 3 month toy testing adventure.

Each of the 24 Toyologists will be part of one of 3 teams.

Toyologists with children aged 0-36 months
Toyologists with children aged 4-6 years
Toyologists with children aged 7 + years

To apply you need to complete an application form and chose your must have toy or product for your child's age and tell us all about it. 

For full details of how to apply please click here.

We hope you'll consider applying and will be on hand in The Roost forum or on Twitter @Blog_Community throughout the application process to answer any questions you have.

Toys R Us Toyologists 2012... Coming soon! 

For those of you who recognise the star below, you'll be excited to hear that the Toyologists are coming back!!
Geoffrey is looking for 24 families to join him this year on a brand new toy testing adventure.
Applications will open later this week on the Toys R Us UK Facebook page, so keep your eyes peeled. 
If anyone was thinking of getting a little headstart... perhaps start thinking about which product or toy you'd say was the must have for your little one. ^CJ

Summer s

Food, Fun and Function – just a few words that describe the upcoming campaigns that we are currently planning. A few returning faces and a couple of new campaigns…it looks like the summer and autumn are going to be ram packed for us and hopefully for a few of you as well, with both out and indoor shenanigans.

So if you recognise yourself as any of the below, ‘watch this space’:

  • Foodie in the USA
  • Parenting blogger
  • Sports enthusiast

Roll on the summer sun!

Social Travel Survey

We have an interesting opportunity for those of you with the travel bug today.
We are conducting research for an upcoming but unconfirmed project. We want to begin this project armed with insight from the people we’ll be working with and reaching out to; you - the bloggers.
So we’ve put together the Social Travel Survey and we’re asking you to tell us how you like to talk to your followers about your holidays and travels: Do you write about your holiday plans the moment you’ve booked them or wait until you come back to show people your photos? Do you do any social outreach while on holiday and as a blogger do you consider your holidays to be private or public?
We’ll be 100% honest the project is unconfirmed at this stage, but we’re hoping that if we are able to have your insights then we’ll have a chance of bringing it to life!
We won’t forget you either, our intention is to establish a team of bloggers who would work with us on this project, providing opinion and insight, a campaign created by bloggers for bloggers.
And as a special thank you anyone who completes the survey will be automatically entered in a sweepstake to win one of four £25 M&S vouchers.

You can find the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/socialtravelsurvey

Guess2Give Interview

With much coverage in the press this last week about 'charity muggers' we're excited to have been working with the production team for a new concept called Guess2Give - Another way to give.

The team have created a mini film to promote a new charitable giving system and they’ve given us the opportunity to invite a blogger to hold an exclusive interview with the owners this week to hear first hand the difference this approach will represent to individual fundraisers.

The spoof film aims to highlight the increasingly challenging fundraising environment that charities and individuals find themselves in and showcase this major fund-raising innovation.

We're intrigued to hear what people think of the idea, so if any of you have an interest in charity fundraising and think this is an interesting change to the “will you sponsor me” emails that dominate ones inbox and the 'chuggers' that approach you in the street we'd love to hear from you, and to arrange for you to the owners and share the video and your thoughts with your readers. 

Glastonbury Cow Dance Trip

Every spring, many farmers across Europe turn their cows back out into the fields after a long winter inside. While this event is a yearly event within the dairy industry it has had little recognition (until now) in the UK, whilst in many countries across Europe it is celebrated: http://youtu.be/ie12MeDjoWQ

In order to celebrate this activity WSPA developed a website called ‘Cow Dance’ (http://cowdance.wspa.org.uk/) – it was so named as when the cows are let out into the field for the first time each spring it looks as if they are doing a job with joy at being released out onto the pasture:

·         WSPA Netherlands: http://youtu.be/K23YV7PfMTQ

WSPA wants to share this moment with farmers and consumers alike when, in those first moments of spring, the cows dance with joy.

By celebrating this annual dairy farming event, WSPA’s Cow Dance aims to raise awareness of the importance of high welfare pasture-based farming – for cows, for farmers, for the environment, and for consumers.

Sadly, the number of cows released into fields every spring is in sharp decline as the global trend towards factory farming increases. For example, an estimated third of Danish cows and a quarter of Dutch cows are now permanently housed indoors.

WSPA strongly believes there is an alternative, more positive future for Europe’s dairy industry, which places good animal welfare at its heart, but can still work for farmers and consumers alike.

Over the course of the last year, whilst working on CowDance sister campaign - Not in my Cuppa, we have been trying to engage a diverse and relevant audience. Due to the animated display shown by the cows on being ‘turned out’ and the fact that we feel it is important to start to draw links between the production of milk and cows welfare we wanted to talk directly with mummy bloggers.

Milk clearly plays a big role in many children’s lives and so we want to really play on this in terms of driving engagement with the video and the site. It you were to analyse the milk you would see that grazed grassed has a healthy impact on the milk, increasing the likes of omega3s and other healthy fats. http://youtu.be/Y_qdSxF1DCk

This is very much the start of the initiative, later on in the spring we will be launching a competition in conjunction with a well-known mummy community site with a lot more planned…

Roost are looking for 5 bloggers, to take to Worthy Farm, the home to the Glastonbury Festival to showcase what it means to ‘turn out the cows’ not only so that we can capture the content, but also so that you can experience it first-hand. 

So, if your wellies are to hand and you'd be interested in joining us and WSPA next week (date TBD) on Worthy Farm in Somerset to see the cow's being turned out, interviewing the farmers, beoing incolved in the vidoe we're making and helping WSPA spread the word around the Cow Dance inititaive, we'd love to hear from you. 

Verbier End of Season Chalet Trip

Despite having some of the best snow in decades, Britons have deserted Switzerland this year. With the strong Franc and record low bonuses in the UK, resorts across the Swiss Alps have been fighting harder than ever to compete with the Euro friendly French resorts. Our (unscientific) survey revealed that UK custom has reduced by around 50% in many Swiss resorts over the last two years.

Roost will be attending an end of season press trip in March with one blogger to show off the best of Verbier and put the fight back on to bring back the Brits!

Cruelty in a Concrete Jungle - Animal welfare project

Wildlife crime is a problem in London - the capital is a major hub for Europe's illegal trade in endangered species, and our client needs your help.

We have an exciting project starting at the end of February for which we're looking for London based bloggers with an interest in supporting this animal welfare project. 

If this if you or someone you know, whether your blog's main focus be parenting, current affairs, fashion or environment we want to hear from you. 


You're part of something Big! 

We are in the planning stages with some really exciting new brands from retail giants to charities and more.

We'll announce all new projects in the news section and here, but in the meantime take a look at some of the the great things we collaborated on last year!

From the Toys R Us Toyologists to the WORLDFOODS Fusion Taste Team, some great content and strong community pages were created. We can't wait to share what 2012 has in store for you all! 

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