Average parent will spend an extra £166 PER CHILD in an attempt to entertain their children during half term

·         Each parent spends on average an extra £166 keeping their children entertained over half-term, with 3% spending as much as £500

·         26 per cent is spent on childcare or putting their children in camps/day activities

·         One in five parents admit they run out of inspiration to keep their children occupied over half-term and weekends

·         A third of parents (31 per cent) admit by 11am on Wednesday they run out of ideas and can’t think of anything else for their children to do.

·         A further quarter (26%) say that they run out of inspiration as soon as half-term starts

The average parent will spend an extra £166 in an attempt to entertain their children during half term according to a new study. 63 per cent will fork out the money for extra food, while 26 per cent will feel pressured to pay for their children to take part in expensive activities such as holiday camps or childcare.

The study commissioned by The Brave Bones Club, want to encourage parents to take advantage of free events in their local area, with our list of Top 20 low-cost activities to do as a family this half-term – voted by parents!

To help inspire parents to spend more time having adventures with their children, Cheestrings & Yollies are partnering with adventurer Steve Backshall to encourage children to join The Brave Bones Club.  Developed to help grow kids’ confidence with essential life skills through play, Steve is launching a new campaign to bring ‘Playspiration’ in bundles in a bid to help parents out – and for those who are worried about cost Steve has lots of tips that cost absolutely nothing.

Backshall says: “I’m really proud to be working with The Brave Bones Club to encourage kids and parents to play more. My own experiences of exploring my environment and creating adventure with family and friends played a huge part in my formative years, helping to build my skill set and confidence. That’s why I feel so passionately about bringing out the inner-adventurer in adults and kids alike.”

Dr. Amanda Gummer, psychologist and founder of Fundamentally Children, adds: “Children really benefit from having both male and female role models engaging with them regularly and even more so when they are encouraging healthy, active play and giving their children a balanced play diet. Being adventurous from an early age helps children develop important skills that will last them throughout childhood and set them up for a healthy and successful adulthood. Skills such as risk assessment, communication, cooperation, problem solving, strategic thinking, negotiation, reliability, perseverance, and curiosity all compliment a sense of adventure and boost confidence, helping children face challenges and overcome them as they mature.”

“The results from the Brave Bones study highlight that parents across the country are forking out a significant amount of money, solely to keep their children entertained during the half-term period. However, there are many free and local adventures that your kids can embark on. Parents can encourage children’s adventurous outdoor spirit with activities such as; wildlife treasure hunts, building dens and having fun in adventure playgrounds, allowing your children’s imaginations to run wild and help with their creative development.” 

We are looking for bloggers to share the list with their readers, and encourage families to have their own fun-fuelled low-cost adventures this half-term.


1.  Going to the park (60%)

2.  Throwing and catching a ball (48%)

3.  Kicking a ball (47%)

4.  Looking at wildlife (46%)

5.  Going on nature trails (45%)

6.  Playing sports (45%)

7.  Riding a bike (44%)

8.  Playing with animals (36%)

9.  Looking for wildlife (35%)

10. Building a den (33%)

11. Putting up a tent (31%)

12. Riding a scooter (30%)

13. Flying a kite (22%)

14. Preparing a vegetable patch (18%)

15. Identifying planets and stars (17%)

16. Climbing a tree (15%)

17. Skating (12%)

18. Building a fire (10%)

19. Learning to fish (6%)

20. Building a treehouse (5%)

For more ways to be brave with having adventures, visit www.bravebonesclub.com

For further information on The Brave Bones Club or Cheestrings and Yollies, please contact Jasmin Hannington at Cirkle PR, jasmin.hannington@cirkle.com/ 01494 731778

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