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Kids Snacks!

Posted by Carli Goodfellow, Wednesday, 30th April 2014 @ 3:11pm

  • We need your help! 

    We know food choices for your family are some of the most important decisions you make every day and hope we can borrow 5mins of your time to better understand what helps you make them for project we’re working on.

    We have 10 x £25 gift cards from a supermarket of your choice and if you are able to spare the time to share your thoughts by the end of the day on Monday 5th May, via our short survey, we will enter you into the prize draw.

    Survey can be found here:

    Thanks so much!

Positive Energy with Energizer UK & Rebecca Romero

Posted by Frankie Holloway, Tuesday, 22nd April 2014 @ 4:26pm

  • Energizer UK Ambassador Rebecca Romero MBE has been talking about #positivenergy with

    Rebecca is the first British athlete and second woman in history to win Olympic medals in two different sports at the summer Olympic Games. She's also completed two Ironman challenges. This includes 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle and a 26.2 mile run. She finished her first full iron man in a time of 11 hours 10 minutes. This qualified Rebecca for the World Championships for her age group in Kona, Hawaii- the most prestigious Ironman event.

    She's about to embark on a new challenge as she's due to give birth to her first child in April - and is sure her determination will be put to the test once again.

    This makes her the perfect candidate to offer busy mums advice on maintain a positive mind set and staying motived and energized, whether in sports, work or life generally.

    If you'd like to know the best way to motivate yourself to go the extra mile and achieve your goals, join in with the Q&A on Mumsnet here:

Seeking Foodie Vloggers

Posted by Frankie Holloway, Monday, 14th April 2014 @ 10:58am

  • We have a fantastic opportunity for food vloggers (or food bloggers who reguarly produce high quality video content) to attend a press evening with ASK Italian alongside key members of the foodie press.

    There are just a few spaces available making this a great opportunity to create some unique content. 

    If you're interested and would like some more info please contact Frankie at


An Evening with the Domestic Sluts

Posted by Frankie Holloway, Wednesday, 22nd January 2014 @ 3:28pm

  • Last Wednesday I caught the coach to Notting Hill for a Q&A session with the Domestic Sluts.

    Domestic Sluttery is a hugely popular and witty lifestyle blog that has been a huge source of inspiration to me and I was thrilled to finally meet the team in person.

    They offered a multitude of fantastic tips for bloggers and freelance writers. My favourite were:

    Affiliate links 

    By all means use affiliate links, but make sure you only feature products you like. This is often the case in their Friday Sluttery Sales Spy column.

    Regular Features

    Regular features are a great way to inspire loyalty and regular readers. However these are harder to maintain on a one-woman personal blog. So if you fear it becoming a chore consider making it fortnightly or monthly instead of weekly.

    If you do decide to start a regular feature think about they day you want to post it on. The Sluttery Sales Spy column is popular because it’s posted on a Friday lunchtime, when people are winding down for the weekend at work. For similar reasons a cocktail column might also work well on a Friday.

    Once you start a series look at how your audience responds to it. Sometimes you can tell when a series is not going to work, The Domestic Sluttery column Wallpaper Wednesdayended for this reason (though I can’t understand who wouldn’t love luxury wallpaper).

    What Social Media Channels Should I use? 

    There are a multitude of channels out there and if you’re busy juggling a job and a blog (among other things) then you may be better off sticking to just a couple. Look at the channels your other favourite bloggers or your audience are using and start from there. Domestic Sluttery joined Pinterest because their fans were constantly pinning their content.


    A small tip but one that I (with my iPhone) remember, if you don’t have a fantastic camera make sure you always shoot in really good light.


    Frankie’s Fancies is meant to be a lifestyle blog but I have to admit I struggle sometimes with striking a good balance of content. Sometimes I write a lot about baking and sometimes a lot about books. I asked the Domestic Sluts how I should resolve this and from now on I’m going to plan a content schedule in advance.

    The event was hosted in the Made showroom and gin and cake were served in 
    abundance. It was really lovely evening.

    This post also appeared on Frankie's blog Frankie's Fancies

Bloggers and Brands - Our First Collaborative Video

Posted by Amelia Massingham, Saturday, 11th January 2014 @ 10:08pm

  • Hi All,

    We're so pleased with the result of our collaborative video!

    Thanks to all those who submitted content; sadly we couldn't use it all, but we're looking forward to sharing more clips and captions in different ways throughout the year.

    Without further ado, here it is...

    Hope you love it!

    Amelia x

2014 – The Year of the Blogger: Video Opportunity (2)

Posted by Amelia Massingham, Monday, 9th December 2013 @ 9:32am

  • We know that a lot of you wanted to be featured on our video (see item below for details of that), but were too shy or didn't have the time to submit a video clip.

    To enable us to feature more of our fantastic community, we're now asking for as many of you as possible to email us with:
    - a photo of you
    - your blog URL
    - a short answer to one of the following questions:

    o   What have you enjoyed when working with brands previously?

    o   What opportunities do you think 2014 holds, for blogger/brand relationships?

    o   Do you like to form longer partnerships with brands or take part in one-off opportunities?

    o   How does working with brands benefit you/what do you get out of working with brands?

    Timing is tight as video production needs to get underway this week, so please send your emails over to us ( by midday on Wednesday 11th December.

    All entries will have the chance to win M&S vouchers, along with the opportunity to showcase your blog to some truly exciting brands in 2014!

    If you have any questions, just get in touch on Twitter @blog_community or by email to

    With best wishes,

    Amelia x

2014 – The Year of the Blogger: Video Opportunity

Posted by Frankie Holloway, Friday, 22nd November 2013 @ 4:25pm

  • 02/12/2013 UPDATE: Due to popular demand for a deadline extension we've decided to move the final submission date back. Now you have until 8th December to send us your video clips! Remember that the clips can be very short - just your introduction and a thought or two, but please limit them to two minutes. Don't worry if you don't own a fancy video camera - webcams and mobiles will do just fine... And if you have any questions, Team Roost is only an email away. AMx

    Thanks for popping by! We’re thrilled you’re here because we have a very exciting new project we’d like you to be involved in.

    We’ve always seen The Roost as a place that truly understands bloggers and we constantly strive to develop exciting campaigns for you. In 2014 we’d like to take this one step further, so we’re creating a short film in collaboration with our community members.

    This is an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your blog to some truly superb companies. The feedback we receive will also be crucial for us to ensure that we continue to offer our community the best possible projects next year. To take part, all you need to do is send us a short video clip of yourself telling us your thoughts about blogging with brands in 2014. This can be as funny or creative as you like! We’ll select our favourite clips, which will become part of the film.

    We’d love to see as many of your thoughts and ideas as possible! If you're struggling for inspiration, just answer one of the questions below. 

    As a big thank you from The Roost, all bloggers who submit a video will be entered into a prize draw to win one of 15 Marks & Spencer vouchers.

    Tips for Taking Part

    • This is very informal – just be yourself
      • Don’t worry if you make mistakes or stumble over words – we’re not expecting a polished performance!
    • Please start your video by introducing yourself with your name and blog name
      • You may also wish to let us know how long you’ve been blogging for and the type of brand activity you’ve taken part in before

    To give you some inspiration, the sort of things we’d love to know are:

    o   What have you enjoyed from working with brands previously?

    o   What opportunities do you think 2014 holds, for blogger/brand relationships?

    o   Do you like to form longer partnerships with brands or take part in one-off opportunities?

    o   How does working with brands benefit you/what do you get out of working with brands?

    • Videos should be a maximum of two minutes
    • Send your video to by 1st December 2013
    • Once you’ve submitted your video, we’d love it if you would download a The Roost blogger badge to add to your blog


    Terms & Conditions (please give these a read!)

    By submitting your video you are giving Roost Online consent to use all or part of it for commercial purposes including but not limited to advertising, social media distribution and showcasing to their clients and potential clients.

    By submitting your video you will be entered into a prize draw to win one of 15 Marks & Spencer vouchers.

    The vouchers are worth £75, £50 or £25 and the winners of each will be selected at random. You will be eligible to win even if your video is not used in the final film.

    If you have any questions, send them over to and we’ll be happy to answer them.


    With best wishes,

    Frankie and Amelia x


Become a WORLDFOODS Grow The Cause Ambassador

Posted by Frankie Holloway, Monday, 18th November 2013 @ 8:28pm

  • We are very happy to be working with the wonderful WORLDFOODS to support their chosen charity Stop Hunger Now this Christmas.

    WORLDFOODS recently launched a fantastic campaign in support of this charity on their Facebook page. For every new fan the page gains during the campaign they will donate $1 (up to the value of $5,000).

    To spread the message of this festive campaign we are recruiting bloggers to be “Grow the Cause Ambassadors”. 

    So if you'd like to take part get in touch with for more info. 

Hangout with Toys R Us and Minion Dave!

Posted by Amelia Massingham, Friday, 1st November 2013 @ 1:35pm

  • UPDATE: Thank you so much for your interest and emails. This Hangout is now full, but we will be arranging more in the coming months, so please keep checking back for more fab and fun opportunities to involve your little ones in live product reviews. A x

    Would you and your little one like to be part of a live Google+ Hangout with Toys R Us UK?

    We're looking for five bloggers with one or more children of around age 4 to participate in a collaborative and fun video review of one of Toys R Us' top 20 Christmas list toys - the Despicable Me Ultimate 9" Minion Dave:

    Dave is a brilliant moving figure who features Minion sayings, songs and interactive talk-back - speak to him and he'll respond! He'll even know when you raise your voice!

    You'll need to be available online on 15th November ready to start at 1:30pm. The Hangout will last for approximately 10 minutes. We'll post your Dave in advance so you can unpackage him, but we'd love you to keep him a surprise from your little one/s until the Hangout starts... It'll be great to see their reaction the first time Dave responds or sings!

    If you've never participated in a Hangout before, don't worry! It's simple and we'll talk you through it beforehand. You just need a Google account and a webcam.

    If you'd like to join in the fun, please email by 6th November.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Amelia x

    P.S. Regrettably this is only open to UK bloggers. If you're based elsewhere in the world, please do keep checking back for other opportunities.

Become a “Grow the Cause Ambassador

Posted by Frankie Holloway, Thursday, 24th October 2013 @ 4:08pm

  • We are happy to announce that we have once again working with the wonderful WORLDFOODS to support their chosen charity Stop Hunger Now this Christmas.

    While we are keeping specific campaign details wrapped up until the launch in early November we can reveal that we are looking to recruit a global group of bloggers to become “Grow the Cause Ambassadors” and help us spread the message this festive season.

    So if you have a passion for charity or food (or both!) and come from one of the below areas, please email, we’d love to hear from you!

    o Bay Area, California

    o Dallas/Fort Worth

    o Houston

    o Kansas

    o Minneapolis

    o New England

    o Italy

    o Malaysia

    o UK

    o Indonesia

    o Germany

    o UAE

    o Thailand

It's nearly the weekend!

Posted by Frankie Holloway, Friday, 18th October 2013 @ 12:49pm

  • It's been a busy week here at The Roost HQ!

    First we must begin with the exciting news that the first Roost Chick has hatched as Carli welcomed her daughter Mollie into the world! 

    Secondly we're excited to read the newly launched Blogosphere Magazine, which we hope will give use even more insight into our fantastic community. Have any of you picked up a copy we'd love to know what you think. 

    Thirdly and finally we've been pinning our favourite Autumn Blog posts to our Autumn Pinterest board. If you've written something seasonal that we've missed don't forget to tweet it to us.

    Have a wonderful weekend filled with fun we can't wait to read about it.


    The Roost 

The Toyologist and Babyologist Programmes are open!

Posted by Frankie Holloway, Thursday, 3rd October 2013 @ 6:46pm

  • We are delighted to announce a new year of reviewing activity with Toys R Us.

    For the fourth year running we are looking for fantastic families to test out the latest products for the Toys R Us Toyologist Programme which, for the first time, will be open all year round! Each month we will be selecting new families to test out the latest must haves.


    And we are thrilled to say that we are also working with Babies R Us on their brand new Babyologist Programme, perfect for anyone with a little one aged (0-18 months)!

    To apply to the Toyologist programme click here.

    To apply to the Babyologist programme click here

Mission Deli Wraps

Posted by Frankie Holloway, Wednesday, 25th September 2013 @ 2:45pm

  • Hi there

    We were wondering if you’d be interested in taking part in a new blogger competition we’re launching for our client Mission Deli Wraps – the nations favourite bakery wrap.

    Nominate your blog!

    We’re looking for fun-loving bloggers to be in with a chance of taking part in our Lunch Less Ordinary blogger challenge. Sound exciting? Simply nominate yourself or your favourite blog by posting the blog link on the Mission Wraps UK Facebook page:

    Nominations close 26th September.

    The Challenge

    Kicking off on 30th September 2013, we will be releasing fun, unusual challenges every week, for four weeks, for our bloggers to complete and post about. Challengers have to complete at least one a week.

    A grand prize of £1000 cash will be awarded at the end of the challenge to the most less ordinary blogger. There is also up to £1500 worth of exciting prizes up for grabs throughout the month for our ‘weekly winners’.

    The challenges released every week could be as easy as having a paper aeroplane contest in the kitchen – to something a bit more challenging, like having a picture taken of you having lunch with a man in uniform!

    Sound fun? Get nominating your blog now!

    We will then select the best bloggers for the challenge and announce our chosen few on the Facebook Page next week. We want lots of you to take part though, so sign up to get involved.

    Good luck!

Calling all strawberry lovers! Are you game for a big bake challenge?

Posted by Frankie Holloway, Friday, 16th August 2013 @ 4:48pm

  • Jubilee Strawberries, Britain’s most premium variety, is on the hunt for 10 bloggers in the London or south-east area to take part in an at-home baking challenge.

    Jubilee have developed four NEW summer recipes and we want you to put one of them to the test and vlog (video blog) your baking experience.

    • Strawberry and Lemon cupcakes

    • Strawberry Summer pudding

    • Strawberry and coconut ice lollies

    • Strawberry and rose mousse cheesecake pot

    In return, to enhance your baking we will send you a £50 voucher for Lakeland and a punnet of fresh Jubilee strawbs!

    Your vlog entry will also be entered into a competition to WIN a bottle of champagne!

    We will ask you to select one recipe (above) and then send you the ingredients required, measurement details and cooking methods once signed-up for the challenge.

    Should you wish to take part in this unique opportunity, please contact Frankie on

    Bloggers must live in or around London or South-East area and will be selected based on ranking on Foodies 100 index.

American Classics...with an Asian Twist

Posted by Frankie Holloway, Monday, 29th July 2013 @ 10:56am

  • For all our bloggers across the pond, we’re running a US based campaign with WORLDFOODS.

    The campaign is focused around giving classic US dishes, including pizza and fried chicken, an Asian twist using a WORLDFOODS product.

    To take part, and for a chance to win one of 10 packages of WORLDFOODS, sauces you need to head to the WORLDFOODS Facebook page and tell us which dish you would nominate for an Asian makeover. 

Clandestine Cake Club Cake Off

Posted by Carli Goodfellow, Tuesday, 25th June 2013 @ 11:55am

  • This summer Roost are excited to have teamed up with the Clandestine Cake Club on behalf of Jubilee Strawberries, inviting their members to take part in a Jubilee Strawberry Cake Off Competition and Strawberry themed cake meet!

    In our minds there is no better cake then a strawberry cake so we asked the finest cake creators to bake a strawberry cake and share the recipe for a chance to win. 

    Check out the mouth watering entries we've had so far & keep your eyes peeled for details from the #StrawberryFeeling themed cake meets that are taking place in June and July.

Jubilee Strawberries

Posted by Frankie Holloway, Wednesday, 1st May 2013 @ 10:26am

  • We are delighted to announce our latest project with Jubilee Strawberries! 

    We started the strawberry season with the pop of a champagne cork on their Facebook page this morning and are giving away a Magnum of Moet! 

    Why not take a look at the page, we'd love to know what you think! 

Seeking bloggers with any niggles or injuries

Posted by Frankie Holloway, Thursday, 21st February 2013 @ 5:17pm

  • We have an ongoing monthly opportunity for a London based blogger to visit the our client,  physiotherapy consultants Back in Action UK at one of their London clinics to try out one of their services. 

    One of Back in Action's specialist area's is Women's Health and this month we are looking for someone to try out their Antenatal & Postnatal programmes designed by FitBack & Bumps! 

    So if you are a new Mum or Mum-to-be and would be interested in trying this experience get in touch with us at

    Or if you are a blogger with an injury or any aches and niggles and would like to try out a free session in the coming months the drop us an email! 

Babies R Us

Posted by Frankie Holloway, Wednesday, 9th January 2013 @ 3:38pm

  • We've got an opportunity for parenting bloggers in their 3rd trimester who would be interested in joining us at an exclusive preview of the Babies R Us Spring Summer 2013 collection!

    If you're interested please email for more info.

WSPA Bear Calendar Competition

Posted by Frankie Holloway, Thursday, 3rd January 2013 @ 4:33pm

  • Happy New Year!

    We’re thrilled to be kicking off 2013 with a fantastic WSPA competition that two of our bloggers are running. Chez Mummy and Muffin Top Vintage are each giving away three WSPA 2013 Bear Wall Calendars. Both competitions close at midnight tomorrow so if you’d like the chance to win one make sure you head over to one (or both!) or their blogs for more details on how to enter:
    Chez Mummy:

    Muffin Top Vintage:
    WSPA is currently doing a lot of work to help bears held illegally in captivity in Romania and Turkey, where these animals can be treated with huge cruelty including being kept in cramped cages and run down zoos. This has included forming links with local partners in each country to help rescue bears from their appalling conditions.
    We’re currently seeking more bloggers to join WSPA’s cause and help us with an exciting upcoming campaign.
    If you’re interested drop us a line at or tweet us @Blog_Community 

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